Jan 292011
Shirley Phelps Roper is one of the most controversial figures in America today.
As one of the prominent members of The Westboro Baptist Church, the daughter of Pastor Fred Phelps has enraged Americans across this Country with protests at the funerals of fallen military heroes, celebrities, and anyone else that is deemed immoral by Westboro Baptist’s strict adherence to Biblical scripture.
In almost every interview that she has done, hostilities eventually rise to the surface and things deteriorate rapidly. 
One of the things I have found interesting over the last couple decades since “Political Correctness” began it’s stranglehold on America, is how those who abhor the intolerant, MEET THEM with intolerance.
To me, that’s like trying to extinguish a fire with a flame thrower.
So our approach was a little different, and I think a lot more of the American ideal of yesteryear.
We wanted to give the history of Westboro Baptist, shed some light on where the family really comes from, and discuss the catalyst to the entire “God Hates Fags” agenda.
In the end, we didn’t change Shirley’s mind about anything, and I know we won’t change America’s, nor should we. 
But we did achieve what we set out to do.
We had a civil discussion with someone who has extremely different life views than ours, we got a little bit better of an understanding of where Shirley comes from, and most importantly, we maintained civility while still making our positions clear.
Something I think a few other real journalists should think about.
If I want to see screaming matches….I’ll watch Jerry Springer.
So check out the episode….
Jan 122011

Well, not really…..but she is an incredibly irresponsible person.

As I’m sure you know by now, Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot while meeting with constituents in Tucson, AZ. The shooting spree left six dead and fourteen injured.

This Doucherocket was responsible….

That’s right, Jackie Coogan, aka “Uncle Fester” from television’s “The Addams Family”.
Ok, fine.
It’s not Jackie Coogan….but I’m not gonna type his real name because it’s what he would want, so Uncle Fester it is.
Now because of Uncle Fester, we will go through all the standard questions that are asked when one of these tools shoots a place up. You know, the “Why were the warning signs ignored?”, and the “What could have been done to prevent this?” nonsense.
Here’s your answer…..they were ignored because not every dickbag who talks crazy shit, ends up shooting everyone.
It’s just that simple. You can’t eradicate every person who acts like a nutcase. 
In my perfect utopia you could, but sadly that isn’t the reality of our existence.
There is another part to the equation in these type of events that I find particularly interesting though, and that’s….The Blame Game.
Now in the past, let’s say….going back to Columbine, we blamed heavy metal and video games.
In case you didn’t know, the Columbine shooters, (shhh….don’t say their names either) shot their fellow classmates because of Marilyn Manson and Doom.
No, it’s true.
Everyone knows it.
The formula was this simple.
“Shock Rock” + First Person Shooter = Everyone at school must die.

Even *I* can understand that, and I was a terrible student.
I’m pretty sure Manson even included a map of the school inside every copy of “AntiChrist Superstar”, with cross-hairs on it pinpointing every individual that he deemed to be problematic.
The map included the text “I’ve diagnosed the problem……help me find the solution.”

So as you can see, anyone who was so deeply entrenched in the world of Manson, AND who had social awkwardness or even so far as a complete mental disorder, would HAVE to act at his behest!!!
I mean, that’s how America saw it at the time. 
Manson’s concerts were cancelled everywhere. Protests plagued his appearances. 
He was shunned, because this was clearly his fault!
Oh, and don’t think Doom got off easy either!
A huge push for new laws regarding sales restrictions of violent video games swept through this nation!
Children should NOT be playing these types of games, because it makes them do things!!!
Especially the weak minded or mentally ill children!! You know the ones that have a hard time fitting in?
What do you mean there was no map of Columbine in “AntiChrist Superstar”?
There HAD to be! How else would those two dickfucks have known who to shoot?
EVERYONE said it was Manson’s fault! He MUST have been more specific in his message, I’m sure of it!
Ok, enough with my facetiousness.
Here’s the point I want to make….
In 1999, I watched people work themselves into a froth over Marilyn Manson and videogames; swearing that those two things were the direct catalyst to the shootings at Columbine High School.
There was no map in the jacket of “AntiChrist Superstar”
There was no Columbine level on Doom.
Today, I watch people in a frenzy to explain how Sarah Palin isn’t responsible for the shootings that Uncle Fester pulled off.
Sarah Palin gave us this map….
Down there in Arizona….Gabrielle Giffords has cross-hairs on her.
Now, under the same logic of “anyone completely entrenched in the world of__________”
“What is politics, Alex?”
Ok, that was a played out joke, but we can easily suggest that if one were obsessed with politics and “weak minded” or “mentally ill”, they could EASILY see this map as specific instructions, no?
FAR more so, than the lyrics to “The Beautiful People”, right?
But what are people doing at this hour?
Trying to explain how the actions of “one deranged young man are not the fault of Sarah Palin!”
Funny, isn’t it?
See, I have watched Palin speak. I have listened to her talk about those who are destroying the American way of life, in her estimation. I have watched her align herself with The Tea Party which is symbolic of the event that sparked The American Revolution. I have watched her shooting off guns. And I have seen her map.
I say without jest, that if the theory of the “weak minded and mentally ill” is accurate, she through her words and actions, laid out a far more precise blueprint than Marilyn Manson and Doom ever dreamed to.
But she’s a “hockey mom” with “Mainstreet’s best interests at heart!”, so she can’t be a bad person, right?
Today Palin released a video claiming that people linking her to this tragic event is “blood libel”.
For those unaware, blood libel is a term that’s used in regards to religious minorities, primarily Jews, and it refers to them being libeled by suggesting that they make sacrifices and drink blood during religious rituals.
It was designed to more or less demonize them.
He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?”

~Sarah Palin on Julian Assange. 

As far as I know, it can not be suggested that a single death can be connected to what Julian Assange put on his website.

However, it can be suggested that 6 deaths and 14 injures can be connected to what Sarah put on hers.

Under her own usage of the term blood libel….isn’t she guilty?

Now, I’m not saying that she’s responsible…I’m just giving an example of what a “maverick” Sarah has been when choosing her words in the past, as opposed to this video she has released today, in which she says it’s unfair to tie her to this event because of what was on her website.
Sarah never seemed that interested in “fairness” before.

But this isn’t as much of an indictment of Sarah Palin, as it is one of the hypocrisy of America.
When you look at what’s presented, it would make far more sense to assume that Uncle Fester did what he did, because in his compromised mental state, he became entrenched in political rhetoric that made him feel that he NEEDED to do something to stop the destruction of his Country.

It does not make sense that 13 children died at Columbine because two assholes listened to “Little Horn” while playing a pixely first person shooter.

Today, the media is willing to say, essentially, that some people are just fucked up.
That’s today.
Because the person having fingers pointed at her, looks, sounds, and dresses just like them.
She talks the way they talk. She fears the God they fear. And she goes to the churches they go to.
Although the man made trail to her culpability in this tragedy is far more sound than the one they created to Manson with Columbine, they NOW understand that things sometimes happen, and that there is no one, or no thing, to blame other than the person pulling the trigger.
Now…..they get it.