Jul 302014

Plexus Slim

I know, I’ve been shitty at updating.
But I’ve had things going on.

On Sunday, which was Day Four I believe, I went to Philadelphia. Between hitting record shops because my daughter swears everything sounds better on vinyl, we stopped at ‘Shake Shack’ where I indulged myself with a Smokestack Burger, fries, and a Peanut Butter milkshake. It had a warning sticker on the top that read ‘Contains Nuts!’, so I was gonna take the sticker off and place it on my pants zipper! WOCKA WOCKA, YOUSE GUYS!!!!

I’m just kidding…I never thought of doing that until typing this. I actually only thought about what a jacked up world we live in now that nuts can kill people. Nuts never killed people when we were kids.
You would catch a major bullying back then if you were afraid of nuts….because you were still allowed to bully people back then too.
AHH the ’80s!

So the morning of Day Five begins with me losing one more pound after my initial four pound loss.
Considering what I ate in Philly the day before, and that my week worth of loss equated to a pound a day, I’d say not too bad.
I can attest to having very little appetite the entire time, but I can’t say that I felt overly energetic.
In fairness, I wasn’t sleeping well, so my sleep cycle was entirely out of whack. Perhaps with more time, I would have fallen back into a regular cycle and had great energy during the day.

Overall, I can’t say that Plexus failed. I followed the instructions I was given, and I lost 5lbs in 5 days while embarrassing myself with things like ice cream and chocolate sauce and a peanut butter milkshake.
And if I were a big hammy moo….er….I mean if I had a ‘glandular problem’, my lack of appetite would have certainly helped in a big way while I tried to stop myself from slamming Ring Dings and Chocodiles down my gullet.

So there you have it. My honest assessment and honest results from 5 days of Bedazzled Pink Juice.
If you want to try it yourself, contact Michelle Rash on my page.

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