Mar 212015


I recently had the displeasure of watching a video where Rick Santorum is doing a Q&A in South Carolina.
A woman steps up to the microphone for her turn a bat with the former Senator and begins a tirade that could only be equaled by someone who’s currently awaiting their tapioca in the day room of some random mental care facility in Anytown, USA….or well, Youtube at any given moment.

Let me just provide you with this video so that you can fully appreciate the lunacy of this woman.

So now that you’ve also had the displeasure of listening to the rantings of this lunatic, I’d like to address the real problem here.
No, the real problem is not the woman. She’s simply crazy, and crazy people often have no idea that they’re crazy, nor are they capable of NOT being crazy. It’s sane people’s social responsibility to let crazy people know that they’re simply crazy and need help. But more importantly, that their crazy ideas are not part of the National dialogue.
THIS brings us to the problem here….

The problem is that Santorum treats her as if she isn’t crazy.
And why does he treat her as if she isn’t?
Because her insanity fits the narrative of his agenda. Her lunacy is a direct result of the lack of intellectual honesty that exists in America now. It’s a direct result of the removal of The Fairness Doctrine. It’s a direct result of things like Fox News. It’s a direct result of the uneducated masses having a forum to espouse their maniacal belief system on social networks by simply hitting ‘share’ on the most outrageous lies imaginable.
It’s a direct result of this country’s population no longer being able to have a sophisticated adult conversation about real issues.

This woman actually suggests that Obama tried to detonate a nuclear bomb in Charleston, South Carolina, and it doesn’t even give Santorum pause. He doesn’t stop her. He doesn’t demand that she now be removed from the podium for incredibly irresponsible and borderline treasonous speech. He does NOTHING that intellectual honesty would dictate.
His agenda is bound by no means of moral command.
Instead…he plays into her madness, agrees that there’s a complete lack of leadership, and then says that her use of ‘tyrant’ is appropriate.
Now you may agree with those things about Obama, but the problem here is that this woman doesn’t leave that room feeling the need to be in any way introspective about her behavior, she believes her behavior is justified and rational. But more importantly, he keeps her fear alive, and that is the most valuable commodity to a politician.
She can walk away and say to herself …“Well, he didn’t disagree with me when I said Obama tried to nuke Charleston! COCKADOODLEDOO!!! It’s a good thing I can turn invisible when I want to, maybe I can sneak into The White House and see what else Kenyan Barry has up his sleeve!”

From here, she and people like her want the rest of us to listen to their wackadoo banter.
They flood our newsfeeds daily with the most outrageous ‘breaking news’ that 9 times out of 10 comes from the blogs of other wackadoos just like them. They are the living, breathing Human Centipede; feeding off the idiotic excrement of the moron ahead of them in the chain, and they openly celebrate their stupidity with joyous ‘patriotic’ self hi-fives.

If their leaders aren’t going to tell them to knock it the fuck off…how are YOU supposed to ever have a conversation with them?
I mean, some people are just crazy! Remember when people were crazy? Remember when we would say that?
Well, they’re still out there, and not everyone’s opinion is legitimite. It’s ok to acknowledge that!

This brings us to the ultimate goof of this whole situation.
Here we have a situation where the very people who believe they’ve taken up the sword to preserve the America that The Founding Fathers intended us to have are the same group who are eating away at this country like a cancer.
And no, I don’t mean politics specifically.  I mean the dumbing down of the dialogue on their behalf.
You can’t treat crazy people as if they’re sane simply because their brand of crazy matches your agenda.
It’s socially irresponsible to do so.
It makes crazy think it’s not crazy, and it makes the sane think you are ALL crazy because you can’t see the crazy yourselves.
Did that make any sense? I ask because it even started to confuse me as I was typing it.

My point is, if you want to ‘take America back’….whether you’re a commie pinko Liberal, or a religious wacknut Republican, or one of the third parties that will never see The White House because the entire game is rigged and all a big facade in the first place….seriously I mean think about it…you think Obama dealt with a record number of filibusters, imagine a third party guy trying to get shit done when his views align with NEITHER party! You’ll actually be able to HEAR the brakes screeching to a stop up on Capitol Hill from your own home!!!

Man that’s funny…..wait, where was I?
Oh yeah…my point is if you want to take America back, you need to start by acting like real Americans and having sensible dialogue about what’s going on out there today.

And that doesn’t include suggesting that Obama tried to set off a nuke in Charleston.
Even if he is the head of an ISIS sleeper cell.

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