Oct 272015


We return after a 3 month hiatus!
Use your powers for good not evil!

Star Wars The Force Awakens.
Kevin Smith, The Granite Run Mall, and what could have been with ‘Mallrats 2′.
The middle aged Orange Julius manager that love Aldo Nova and Pacman.

People upset about Ghostbusters with a female cast.
Neckbeards and ‘You raped my childhood’.

Joe’s love of ‘Back To The Future’.
How it feels to be the same distance from 1985 now, as 1955 was from it then.
Health teachers are the unsung heroes of the teaching world.

What’s lazier….not doing a podcast in 3 months, or doing a podcast with the same theme over and over?
Joe agrees with Germaine Greer that transgender men aren’t women. What a crazy concept in 2015!

Done with politics!
Bernie Sanders sounds like Ben Stern AND the Aardvark from ‘The Ant & The Aardvark’.
“My brother kept us safe!” Did he?

Enough with Steve Jobs!
‘Dragon’s Lair’ The Movie and it’s Kickstarter!
The Walking Dead and Glenn.

Chili and Minion Cakes.

Closing Song – ‘Down Under’ by Men At Work

Jul 202015



Back from the dead!!
Since we last spoke to you, Sussex9 has been to Coheed & Cambria AND got to see his precious ‘Sir Paul’ at Firefly.
The agony that was Morrissey.
Snoop Dogg is brilliant.

The Confederate Flag that you never cared about!
Racist or just bat shit crazy?
The Duke Boys were lazy entitlement scumbags.
Racist Roscoe calls in while in hot pursuit.

No one can goof on racism anymore like in the ’70s.
Nothing changes in the social discourse.
‘Everyone is outraged’.

Bill Cosby is busted, but Camille says those bitches wanted it.
A reflection on Joe’s mentor ‘Billy’.

Is Jm. J Bullock now America’s Dad?
Did Fonzie actually ever get laid?
The Big Ragu was closeted.

Back To The Future turns 30.
Doc Brown ruined the space time continuum.

Men who watch cartoon porn never get laid.

If you try out for a role that your look doesn’t work with…it’s not racist.

Sussex is a creep with Hall & Oates.

Closing Song – ‘Millionaire’ by Phat Bollard.


Apr 152015


No one wants to #RaceTogether.
Waiting in lines for low valued items that are free.

The Opie And Anthony meltdown.
End of a shock jock era.
Howard Stern hates podcasts.

The Button.
Periscope and Meerkat….the new tech addiction?
Arab men being perverts on the net.

The Apple Watch.
Apple has gone to shit.

The media tells us we’re angry at Clorox because they’re supposedly racist.
Why can’t there be pockets of hate in America?
The Hate State Blueprint.

Fuck ‘Game Of Thrones’.
‘Daredevil’ is awesome.
Sussex9 has Firefly tickets so he can see Paul McCartney.
Coheed and Cambria are coming to The Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach, DE on June 12th.

Closing Song – ‘Welcome Home’ by Coheed and Cambria

Mar 062015


Kiddie City, Ralph Garman, and Leonard Nimoy.
Jingles never leave you.
Philadelphia News Men.
The old ‘gerbil in the ass’ gag.

Lotion Squirting Gypsies and Barack Hussein Obama.

Harrison Ford seems to not understand that he only PLAYS tough guys in movies.
Sup wit your earring, bro?

The return of ‘Cocks Gone Wild’!
The Japanese and their sex issues.

Hacking the AppleTV.
The Psychology of Dick Dastardly.
Another Delaware podcast has hit the scene.

Coming on the next episode…Tim McSpadden director of ‘Love ala Carte’.

Closing Song – ‘Deep Six’ by Marilyn Manson.

Feb 252015


Lady Gaga’s Jigaboo Music!
When to know that someone isn’t being racist.

Alaska legalizes weed….Palin is high as shit in her family room.
Joe says Christian Conservatives and women can’t be funny.

The Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Show.
Why is Eddie Murphy so revered at this point?
The brilliance of Joe Piscopo.

Joe HATED ’50 Shades Of Grey’.

The Oscars.
Joe explains why ‘Selma’ didn’t receive more nominations, because no one else has the balls to say it.
Thoughts on why Hollywood hasn’t made as many Gulf War movies as they did Vietnam.

A lesson about why the news doesn’t care about Boko Haram, but cared about Charlie Hebdo.

Closing Song – ‘Poison Windmills’ by James Hazley

Jan 132015


A million dollars isn’t rich anymore.
‘A Most Violent Year’ wasn’t very violent.

Sussex9 introduces us to ‘The J Word’.
Kanye West fans don’t know who Paul McCartney is.
Joe explains why he thinks that’s ok.

The Half Assed Cast with Dean Cameron and Mike Wilson.
Jesse Keim is a dick.

Recommendations needs to be refined.
Things we liked from CES.

‘Serial’ developments and what we think about Adnan.
People who are pot committed to ideologies.

Would you hang out with the you of old?
Sussex9 makes a formal apology.

Adam Carolla, Alison Rosen, Robin Quivers, and Anthony Cumia.

More Cosby developments.

Al Alberts and Joe’s kind of a dick.

Closing Song – ‘A Sick American’ by Al Alberts.

Dec 212014


The illness that never goes away!
The Cartel is much crazier than ISIS.
Joe’s 5 year plan to ‘JoeLand’.

Kathy Lee Gifford is the epitome of the cringey white woman.
The Sony hacking.

Homeland Security is doing ‘Reverse Prostitution Stings’ now.
Cocks are terrorists.
The police officers killed in New York…the media…and the silly protests.

‘Clean Your Own House In 2015!’

Serial The Podcast has taken podcasting to the next level.

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ finale and how Wayne Unser was the most friend zoned man of all time!
White people love Coldplay, Squirt Cheese, and now the ‘All About That Baste/Christmas Jammies’ family.

Closing Song – The Waitresses ‘Christmas Wrapping’.

Nov 252014


Bill Cosby is accused of some rapin’!
Why would people defend Cosby?
The double standards regarding men and women.

The (at the time of recording) pending Ferguson Grand Jury decision.
Let’s hope Reginald Denny doesn’t have a new truck route in Ferguson.

Punching out of news and debating.
“Tap Out in 2015!”

Giving in to technology.
Amazon Echo is listening.

‘The Shining: The Musical’

Cool C is gonna get his ticket punched on January 8th.

‘Jurassic World’ trailer coming Thanksgiving Night.
White people love dinosaurs.
‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer in select theaters on Friday.
People are lucky we aren’t in charge of the Star Wars trailer.

Jax Teller is the Wile. E Coyote of MC Presidents.
‘Hell On Wheels’ finale and people who don’t understand history.

Closing Song – ‘You Or Them’ by Volbeat

Oct 312014


We told you, ‘Murica! We told you not to glorify that family!
‘Honey Boo Boo’ is canceled.
The intricacies of prostitution negotiation.
Stay on top of your shit!

Pope Francis: Closet Atheist
New Pope is like ‘New Coke’.

New Renee Zellweger.
Don’t talk to us like we’re stupid.
Sarah Silverman is not hot, she’s just ok.

John Stewart crosses over into ‘The DoucheZone’ and Sussex thinks Joe is attacking Jews on this episode.
‘The Ebola Crisis’ and why Joe will never vote again.

No one asked for a new ‘Pee Wee Herman’ movie, Judd Apatow.
Trying to explain movies and shows from our youth to the current generation.

The death of Saturday Morning Cartoons and explaining ‘hard choices’ to the youth of today.

Joe reveals who he thinks the rat is on ‘Sons Of Anarchy’.

Closing Song – ‘AEnima’ from Tool

Oct 092014


Stephen Collins doesn’t want you pestering him for details.
Benny Mardones is a creep part deux!


A serious talk (well…sort of) about the two teachers who had sex with a student, and the mind of the teenage boy.

We ain’t ‘fraid of no Ebola!
Bushmeat and hyenas as pets.

Ben Affleck steps on a Sam Harris landmine.
Maher and Harris are right.

There’s no reason to be a spy or be in SAMCRO.
‘The Blacklist’ is played out.

Being the old guy at the concert.
The Radio – It sucks.
Nirvana didn’t kill the hairbands.

Closing Song – ‘Vic The Butcher’ by Coheed and Cambria