Mar 312011

Remembering Channel 48 in Philadelphia.
We have officially transfered over to!
We are doing the whole show based off of the Zite iPad App.
Charlie Sheen is recording with Snoop Dogg, and thoughts on older white people rapping.
How white people always started off their raps with telling you who their name and that they were “Here to say…”
When your kids get too old to do the things you always used to do.
We are now rebooting movie franchises BEFORE the current one is even completed.
Nintendo claims that the 3DS launch was a smash success….but is that true?
The fraud that was Barack Obama.
The American Government got all worked up about WikiLeaks, but the people were too dumb and lazy to care.
The Delaware Police and DelDot makes up the rules as they feel like….SURPRISE!
When song length was dictated by how long an acid trip lasted.
R.E.M. was always bullshit…people just got caught up in MTV’s hype.
The Jersey Shore crew, South Philly slang, and Half-A-Fags.

Closing Song – “I’m Here To Say” by “The Rappin’ Tony Soprano”.

Mar 262011


The Heart Attack Grill and Joe is vindicated about newspapers vs. the internet!
A vagina like a clown car! YUM!
Charlie Sheen makes Zazzle pull some of our shirts! Joe explains why Charlie should have come to him to have shirts made.
Elizabeth Taylor has died.
Corey Feldman is a doucherocket.
Prince Charles does NOT know how to sex talk a woman.
MTV ALSO made Zazzle pull a shirt, and a discussion about The Jersey Shore crew.
Joe tried out the Nintendo 3DS and was impressed….but HATES “Yoostar 2″ on the Xbox360.
Angry Birds Rio is released.
Netflix is about to start offering original programming like a real network.

Closing Song – “Do You Call My Name” from Ra.

Mar 242011


A message about donating to the Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake Relief Fund.

We want to “Give You Five”….your chance to promote whatever you want on our podcast.

Casey Heynes is bullied no more! YOU ARE BEAST, SON!

The Fall TV Lineup has been announced, and we discuss what we think will work and what won’t work.

Joe has the iPad 2….what does he think about it so far?

Our interview with Real Life Superhero Treesong!

Our first entry in the “Givin’ You Five” promotion comes from Jesse Keim from The Back Porch Rant podcast. It’s a song that he recorded entirely by himself on an iPhone entitled “Sunset Road”

Mar 242011

Joe has made enough money off of Charlie Sheen T-Shirts to buy the iPad 2. Sup wit you, Charlie Sheen? Joe reviews “Titanic II” because he said he would and another follow up from the last episode. Sussex9 sees “Splice” and the debate continues about how exactly unrealistic events in the film would be. America wants to go into Libya now….as if we haven’t done enough yet. Lower Delaware makes the news, and we want to know why the law seems to believe only white people can commit “hate crimes”? Words and the power they are given through people being falsely offended. The Wilmington Blue Rocks theme nights, and why Delaware should be nuked.

Closing Song – “My Heart Your Hands” by Dommin

Mar 242011

The Pope has exonerated Jews for killing Christ. Joe had NOT exonerated his girlfriend for killing his iPad. Joe the Anti-Semite? The birth of a new Sussex9? DHaz tells us about “Americows”, and the debut of his “Americow” song parody. Why do American WANT to be Butter Lumpkins with all sorts of wacky fried foods? Any food name that contains “on a stick” is fucked. The iPad 2 debuts Friday March 11, 2011!!! Sussex9 never saw the “Locutus of Borg” Star Trek: The Next Generation? Diane Lane is 46, and we would all love to put it down on her….and Streets Of Fire today, vs. what we remembered. Mark Wahlberg is making a sequel to “The Fighter”.

Closing Song – “Karma” from Sevendust

Mar 242011

We’ve reached 1,000+ “Likes” on Facebook! Thanks to all who clicked that button! This is the most haphazard episode we’ve done, because of illnesses and re-scheduling. “Anonymous” threatens Westboro Baptist Church….or did they?

Health class and sexual urban legends. Who would try to f**k a lobster??? Being the victim of a rumor in high school back in the day vs. now. “The Koala” student newspaper at The University Of California, San Diego takes irresponsible journalism to a whole new level.

The uprising in the Middle East. Sussex9 says Bahrain was very cool when he was there, and doesn’t understand what the problem is….Joe says to stay out of all countries where we don’t understand what could put us in jail.

Tony Luke is the true cheesesteak champion of Philadelphia, because his empire is ever expanding. Sussex9 takes issue with Joey Vento’s “English Only” policy.

“Slang names” you were taught for drugs in school, and how you never heard anyone actually use them. When schools are teaching “street info” it’s 20 years behind the curve.

Eric Clapton used to be a complete racist? Keith Richards audiobook “Life”, and the confusion Joe has about who is actually reading. The difference between cats like Keith Richards and Lady Gaga…musicians vs. fame seekers. White People dancing at weddings.

“The Rock” returns to wrestling…is his movie career over? At least “The Rock” isn’t Nicholas Cage. The women who got caught up in shit and actually screwed Tom Green.

Politicians who can’t control their penises. A man was charged with ejaculating into a female co-worker’s water bottle.

Christine O’Donnell has been asked to be on Dancing With The Stars.

Closing Song – “Heart Beats” by Brian Shahwan.

Mar 242011

Sussex9 announces that we are broadcasting in 4G! Ron returns and we discuss the rumors of his whereabouts. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Sussex9 wants to know how you get down with the sexing. 1 of 5 divorces are Facebook related now. There’s a confession app for Catholics now, and how much bullshit confession actually is. Stephen “Evil Ed” Geoffreys from “Fright Night” went on to be a huge gay porn star. People who try to make the transition from porn to legitimate acting. Porn “parodies” are the only viable way to make money in porn these days. The shitty ass Super Bowl Half Time Show, and why America is getting what it deserves from it’s “music” acts today. Janet Jackson and Bristol Palin both have memoirs coming out. Podcasting vs. Radio, and what podcasting means. Rupert Murdoch’s “The Daily” on the iPad, and how much Joe loves it. People who still think entertainment is farting on the radio, and why they should start realizing how douchey they are. How iTunes SHOULD be listing podcasts.

Closing Song – “On and On” from Girl Talk

Mar 242011

Joe tries out the Blue Snowball microphone….so if it sounds weird…THAT’s why! Sussex 9 goes Bangles on us. Thoughts on the Xbox360 Kinect. America’s “War On______”. More fun from Ghost Adventures.

Our response to those who feel we weren’t aggressive enough with Shirley Phelps Roper.

Getting caught up on our favorite television shows. Why has America fallen behind the BBC in creativity?

A nine year old girl was killed in Arizona by a lunatic gunman….but this isn’t who you’re thinking about. In fact, you’ve never even heard about this….and we take an honest look at why.

Howard Stern on Piers Morgan, and why it’s time for Stern to be as introspective as Kevin Smith.

Pastor Gino Jennings brings the awesome.

Closing Song – “World’s Apart” by Times Of Grace.

Mar 242011

Interview with Shirley Phelps Roper of The Westboro Baptist Church and Shirley has a few words about Kevin Smith and her run-in with him at Sundance Film Festival where he premiered Red State.

Last week to vote for funding for Sanfilippo Syndrome at: KEEP IT AT NUMBER ONE, BITCHSTICKS!!!

Go check out Jesse Keim and “Back Porch Rant” on iTunes and Podbean.

Closing Song – “Lemonade” by The Keefs

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Mar 242011

Joe tries Four Loko and isn’t impressed. Bryan says this episode will “change your life”….by announcing that he’s decided we will start a network. Is you life changed?

“I see you drivin’ round town with the girl I love, I’m like FORGET YOU!”…um….that kinda sucks. SNL has Cee-Lo Green on, and does it’s best with censorship. Hulu Plus is better than regular TV, and ALL TV should be this way.

Ricky Gervais on The Golden Globes…rumor vs. reality. Californication has been good so far. Bryan’s fantasy of how Billy Squier lives today is revisited, and Joe saw a very strange clip from the old “Fame” TV show featuring Lee Ving of Fear.

Bryan was hit on by a 20 something, and now feels his 40 year old stock value is upped.

Joe introduces us to the fan posts from the Ghost Adventures Facebook page, and suggests that maybe they should spend more time on searching for grammar books, than ghosts. A brief discussion OF Ghost Adventures. WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Joe solves “Orbs”! is visited, and “Treesong” is now the official Superhero of AnudderCast. Superhero “Phoenix Jones” got his snotbox crumpled, which leaves us questioning how super he really is.

We explain how we’re just like you….just like the “everyman”.

A serious message about people and their prejudiced bullshit. Some thoughts on how things really work, and a message to our detractors. Joe explains himself to those who say they are “praying for him”.

Closing Song – “Right This Second” from Deadmau5