Apr 282011

SPECIAL INTERVIEW: “Jailing The Johnston Gang” author Bruce Mowday takes us into further detail regarding the most notorious gang in Chester County, Pennsylvania’s history. You’ll learn just how much Sean Penn and Christopher Walken’s 1986 film “At Close Range” didn’t tell you.

Borders Bookstore is in bankruptcy, and Jesse Jackson Jr. says it’s because iPads are made in China.
Barry Obama supplies the birth certificate….OH NO, BIRTHERS!!!!
Sussex9 starts quoting some silly rantings.
The Typewriter…R.I.P.
The shows Joe watches on Hulu.
Joe and Sussex9 along with their women went to gay karaoke at The Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and had a blast!
Ron’s “10 Things I Hate!”
Chris McDevitt’s “I Kill Me”
The Back Porch Rant

Last Minute Call In: Shirley Phelps Roper calls in to discuss Anonymous and the Brandon, Miss. incident.

Closing Song – “Streets Of Philly” by Theotis Joe And The Playbacks.

Apr 202011

Stories of Area 51 scare Sussex9.
Sussex9 thinks Joe and Ron might be “Anchor Babies”.
Rumors about Sarah Palin’s son Trig not actually being hers are beginning to grow.
Donald Trump’s “Candidacy for President” is joke, and he’s at war with Bill Cosby.
Fat Albert was the biggest snitch of all time, and it was trying to teach all of us to be snitches too.
The “Happy Days” cast are suing CBS and Paramount for merchandise cuts, but not the part of the cast that actually moved merchandise.
A debate about who a “Real American” is.
Nintendo will debut their next console at E3 in June.
Today is the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre.
10 Things That Sussex9 Hates.
A little audio PWNAGE for the “Ninja Ho’s”

Closing Song – “Heart Shaped Glasses” by Marilyn Manson.

iTunes Issue

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Apr 162011

There seems to be an issue with the iTunes feed that we are working to get resolved soon.
Somehow, there are now two AnudderCast feeds on iTunes, and only the newer one is updating, with the original one that most subscribers are on, failing to update to current episodes.
Should be fixed soon.

Apr 152011


The Old Country Buffet Jackasses Strike Again!
Sussex9 has a crisis of faith
Charlie Sheen is NOT winning anymore….goodnight, funnyman.
Zakk Wylde officially sells out….but Slayer wouldn’t.
Sussex9 wants Glenn Beck’s time slot on Fox News, but doesn’t make enough Hitler references.
Joe addresses the women who completely misconstrued what he said last week.
Unions and the human being’s propensity to take advantage.
China bans time travel…..movies.
10 Things Joe Hates.
Another person is claiming Mark Zuckerberg ripped him off and owns part of Facebook.
Russell Brand’s “Arthur” and some thoughts on some upcoming Summer Movies.

Closing Song – “The Thrill” from Soilwork

Apr 072011


Lower Delaware, the people who live there, and The Old Country Buffet.
Sussex9 is jealous of Arabs.
Things people pretend about.
Keanu Reeves announces that the “Bill & Ted 3″ script is just about complete.
Bill and Ted vs. Wayne and Garth, and Dana Carvey is Rich Little v.2.0.
Joe’s first memory of the Drive-In movie theater.
Atari 2600 PacMan was a douchebag.
Hitler STILL hates The Logan House in Wilmington!

**The next part of the podcast can potentially be very upsetting for some people if they are sensitive to the subject**Discussion begins at 50:10 and ends at 1:14:30 if you want to skip it

The “Slutwalk” protests….rape….and thoughts on your responsibility as it pertains to your personal protection.

Sussex9 thinks sleep disproves Darwin.

Closing Song – “Raise Your Weapon” from Deadmau5