Sep 242013


Bringin’ back The Quiet Storm.
We miss the old style radio DJs.

Advice to guys who comment on girls pics.
Advice to Bruno Mars.

Men on construction sites.
“Race Traitor”

Only gas prices are allowed to be effected by “tensions”.
What if tensions dictated beer prices?

Alex Jones’ lesson about videogames.
Things that White People need to stop saying.

People’s issues with the “Dexter” finale, and Joe runs into a loud mouthed clam.
“Breaking Bad” is winding down.

Closing Song – “A Poet’s Dream” by Ra

Sep 112013


“Twerkin’” is being retired by us.
The whole thing is the fault of men.

“Tribute” bands.
Why no “tribute” comedians?

Apple unveils the iPhone 5C and 5S.
Cuz A7 is better than A6!
A rainbow of fruit flavors!

Creepy new technology.
Facebook’s Face Recognition.

George Zimmerman is an asshole again. SURPRISE!
Michelle Bachmann is a moron again. SURPRISE!

Breaking Bad.
Sons Of Anarchy.
The casting of “Christian Grey” and “Batman”.

Other podcasts DON’T say what we’re thinking, so please stop believing you do.
“Welcome To Nightvale”

Closing Song – “Land Of The Brokenhearted” by Poppa’s Kitchen.