Dec 212014


The illness that never goes away!
The Cartel is much crazier than ISIS.
Joe’s 5 year plan to ‘JoeLand’.

Kathy Lee Gifford is the epitome of the cringey white woman.
The Sony hacking.

Homeland Security is doing ‘Reverse Prostitution Stings’ now.
Cocks are terrorists.
The police officers killed in New York…the media…and the silly protests.

‘Clean Your Own House In 2015!’

Serial The Podcast has taken podcasting to the next level.

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ finale and how Wayne Unser was the most friend zoned man of all time!
White people love Coldplay, Squirt Cheese, and now the ‘All About That Baste/Christmas Jammies’ family.

Closing Song – The Waitresses ‘Christmas Wrapping’.

Feb 252013

When a belief system becomes so absurd, it seems like a bit.
You people seemed to listen to “Just knock it the fuck off in 2013″ over the last week.

“I Saw Red” is the “Friend Zone Guy” anthem.
Why would you take anyone back who cheated on you?
Where do you draw the line in a relationship?

The Playstation 4 just seems dumb.
If you work at Gamestop…you’re about to feel the pain of the Blockbuster employees.

Google Glass – The Smart Phone Killer?
What Google Glass will mean for the future and crime.

Recommendation of Jim Florentine’s Valentine’s Day episode, and our thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

Hero worship as a grown ass man.

Dr. Drew Pinsky being blamed for Mindy McCready’s suicide.

Closing Song – “Ice Water” by Big Dave Little And The CMB